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"Creating some of the most beautiful, enjoyable, and easily maintained landscapes…"

Large or small, simple or complex, modern, traditional, and everything in between — we've done it all. We are great listeners, collaborators, and do everything we can to help you realize the landscape of your dreams. Affordably, of course!

If you want STYLE, you need to talk to a design professional

A contractor is just a builder, but a designer is a builder with advanced credentials in design, aesthetics, architecture, spatial planning, related technologies, engineering, and more. These days anybody with a high school diploma and equipment can call themselves a landscaper, but this does not mean they're qualified. A person with advanced design degrees, professional certifications, and actual building experience is the only person you should trust with your project. More…
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Great design with superb craftsmanship

Great design is a must but, just as important is great craftsmanship. This is achieved through proper engineering, strict adherance to manufacturers recommendations, doing it right the first time, and trade professionals with a commitment to exceptional finish and detailing. A well-crafted project will not only perform better, it will provide you with years of deep satisfaction and enjoyment and, more importantly, ensures that your investment provides enduring value.
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Easy and beautiful to live in, "houses" become "homes."

Ron Marotte's design aesthetic is warm and inviting—clean lines, classic proportions, and extraordinary furnishings and construction details that come together to create sophisticated spaces that are perfectly tailored to the client's lifestyle.

We are experts in:

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Pavers, retaining walls, terraces
  • Pool Houses
  • Guest Houses
  • Garden Features and Structures
  • Aquascaping
  • Landscaping
  • Lake Shoreline Development
  • Exterior and Garden Lighting
  • Garden Furniture
  • Garden Antiques
  • Project Management
  • Horticulture
  • Green and Eco-Friendly landscape solutions


And let's not forget the kids—we've got to give them good reasons to go outdoors and be active. Pools, trampolines, swingsets, sandboxes, sport courts, are just a few things that come to mind.
And for teens and adults there are gaming rooms, golf tees & greens, bocce ball greens, bowling greens, volleyball courts, and gaming fields—it all stimulates the imagination and gets the body moving.
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"if you foolishly ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it"

—frank lloyd wright.


Landscaping is a demanding art form.

Landscape Designers need to have:

  • a painter's eye for color and composition
  • an architect's sense of scale, balance, symmetry, and mastery of engineering
  • a sculptor's feel for manipulating form, texture, and three-dimensional space,
  • a horticulturist's understanding of plants and agriculture to enhance the beauty of the space with changing seasons, sounds, smells, and romance, and
  • a contractor's knowledge of building and construction techniques.

But in addition, Landscape design professionals also have:

  • a clear grasp of historical and contemporary styles, emerging design trends, and a great sense of style
  • are completely informed of the latest home technologies, and
  • have access to all the best tradesmen so that
  • your installation has enduring value.

Your project deserves someone with this rich body of education and experience. At Marotte Landscapes we have the education, certifications, and 25 plus years experience assisting the most discriminating clients achieve their dreams of a natural oasis... or a resort-like paradise... just out their back door.
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